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HELLO THERE!  LIST OR SELL WITH ME AND I PAY ONE THOUSAND ($1,000 at close of escrow)OF YOUR CLOSING COSTS through 2019!  (Contact me for terms and conditions.)

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. Congratulations on finding a TOP REALTOR.  A "Top Realtor" has at least 10 current recommendations, over 25 years of full time real estate experience and owns their own rental property.  If you ask, I have a resume and recommendations for your review, like other true professionals.

If you are interested in SUN CITY, Georgetown, Texas, the 55 plus community in Georgetown, I can help you with either the NEW HOME process or show you resales.  Many make the mistake of walking into the SUN CITY NEW HOME office without representation.  The builder welcomes Buyer's Agents because they already have calculated the co-operating commission in the prices they quote AND it helps limit their LIABILITY.

When you sign a "Builder's Contract," there are usually no terms written on YOUR behalf.  Often the courts have called them "one party contracts" meaning that the Buyer did not really have the freedom to negotiate the best terms for their situation.  Your Buyer's Agent also interacts with the builder's staff to straighten out any bumps during the escrow period.  Lastly, a Buyer's Agent makes sure that the customer does not overpay in comparison to a resale with the same upgrades and makes sure the Buyer gets all the valuable concessions that the builder should be offering.  I also have all the floor plans for all 89 neighborhoods.  There are many older floor plans that have been renamed without any changes.  There are neighborhoods where everyone seems to be an RV-er and some neighborhoods that really love their wine get togethers!    I also maintain a Sun City intro site on my brokerage website. Try: www.suncityhomesforsale.com


DANGER DANGER DANGER: When you put your email into any online real estate site, especially one with the word "ad" next to it, your info just got scraped and is being sent to HUNDREDS of agents as an "internet lead."  These online brokers know nothing about my area and feed your name to the more hungry agents who don't have a strong book of business.  PICK UP THE PHONE and interview some agents! Act like you are hiring someone important in your life who will save you thousands.  Take some time to associate with a professional with roots in the area you are searching.

My website contains ALL listings from ALL neighborhoods and from ALL Real Estate Agents SO: there's no need to look anywhere else for your next home.  Zillow and Trulia are data aggregator sites with inaccurate information and get their data from MY multiple listing service under a licensing agreement.  SO, benefit from my site:

  • Get all the latest listings available.
  • See large photos, home tours & maps including Google® Street View.
  • Capture Notification of New Listings and Price Changes.
  • Enjoy that it is free to use. I respect your privacy.
  • KNOW that I'm here to help if you need me.

EXPLORE the website and if you have any questions, OR if you would like to see a home in person OR want to discuss your home's value, call me TODAY. 

Type A personality + OCD (Me) = HAPPY YOU.

IF YOU REGISTER YOUR EMAIL, I will send you information that you will like reading, NOT RECIPES or HOROSCOPES.

Don't get me wrong, I like cooking and reading my horoscope, but our relationship will be based on REAL ESTATE information and USING THAT INFORMATION to help you grow your real estate portfolio or manage it. 

Wealth is built in only THREE ways in the USA for the COMMON MAN OR WOMAN: a. Oil; b. Transportation; c. REAL ESTATE.  You have ONE option with which to achieve and die a gazillionaire.   Guess which one. 

Have I already said CALL ME?


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